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Whether or not you believe in the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, be prepared for the 5 horsemen of the 2020s


The 5 horsemen of the 2020s-Disasters and Emergencies

  1. CLIMATE CHANGE including Hurricanes, Wildfires and Floods

  2. Cyber Attacks on Governments at every level often demanding ransoms

  3. World -wide financial turmoil

  4. Wars and threats of wars

  5. Covid 19 and its remaining effects


Bothe FEMA and Homeland Security and the Antiterrorism Network, all U.S. Government agencies as well as many state and local sources advise:


BE PREPARED-Get a Back Up Chair

The best defense against Disasters and Emergencies is to BE PREPARED.  Climate Change including wildfires, hurricanes, and floods is here. Brownouts and blackouts are here. Cyber-attacks against governments, banks, and industry is here. Worldwide financial crisis is here. Wars are here.

Most of us have little or no power to prevent these events, but we all have some ability to BE PREPARED.


One of the most common and least expensive way to prepare is to own a Manually powered Backup Wheelchair, that does not require electricity to recharge batteries A large percent of our population are seniors and that % is growing. Seniors have mobility problems of various degrees and increasingly require wheelchair assistance that does not depend on rechargeable batteries.


The Falcon (TM) can be such a chair.

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