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The streets and highways of America as well as its parks are more usable when there is a Falcon™ chair available for the use of a passenger or family member who needs a wheelchair readily accessible in the trunk.

My mother, my grandmother, her sister, my aunts, and an uncle all were residents of a seniors’ facility (at different times). Picking up a standard, self-propelled wheelchair and putting it into the trunk of my car was a back-breaking, knuckle- skinning task. A Falcon ™ chair would have been a blessing if it had existed.

Seven or more Falcon™ chairs, in their airline size containers, can easily fit into a single average auto trunk (boot) with room to spare for more back packs and for suitcases or any other equipment.

A person who does not need or use a wheelchair themselves can easily store a Falcon™ in the trunk for use by another person who has temporary need of a chair.

A Falcon™ chair in an auto trunk can be a blessing for seniors and those who help them (see section for seniors and the photos following to see this in action). The pink suitcases in the photos each contain a full-size Falcon ™ chair.

Wheelchair easily fits in trunk of car
Picture of Jay next to chair in trunk of car
Chair easily fits between legs in passenger seat of car
picture of suitcases and bags about to go in trunk of car
picture of carry-on suitcase in passenger seat of car
pictures of six carry-on wheelchairs in the trunk of car
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