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The Falcon™ Chair was designed using space age technology and rocket science to create a chair that fits into a suitcase that meets the carry-on size limits of every U.S.A airline and most foreign airlines.


The Falcon™ chair was designed using space age technology and rocket science to meet the needs of travelers who use wheelchairs, whether they are traveling around the corner or around the world by land (automobiles) sea (cruise ship) or air (airplanes).

​Travelers can relax knowing their chair is never out of sight. Falcon™ Chairs are transportable in suitcases or other containers that meet airline size requirements for airline overhead bin size restrictions.

The chair goes with the user: “Always in sight and always in reach”.

There are currently two models. The 13lbs Carbon Fiber Beverly Hills model and the 24½ lbs Aluminum Las Vegas model.

The Falcon™ Chair was created for people who travel and their helpers. The Falcon™ Chair opens the world of travel, especially air travel because it is the only wheelchair in the world that can be put into a roller board suitcase (suitcase with wheels) and assembled into a full-size wheelchair, never out of sight or out of reach.

A famous travel writer once quipped, “There are two kinds of luggage: Onboard and Lost.”

Some wheelchairs can be taken to the door of an airplane when they are taken away to hopefully be united with the user at the door or somewhere in the terminal such as baggage claim.

Air travel laws give extremely little help. It is a common misconception that the ADA (American with Disabilities Act) allows a passenger to bring their chair into the cabin.

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