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Using space age materials and new algorithms coupled with modern ergonomics and kinetics "THE WORLD'S ONLY CARRY-ON WHEELCHAIR" has been engineered, invented and received patent protection. It can fit within almost all of the carry-on baggage limitations of most if not all of the worlds 400 + airlines, including specifically American, Delta, United and Southwest. The chair can easily fit into almost every existing carry-on roller suitcase or in the trunk or back seat of any automobile or in your cabin on a cruise. It is with you wherever you are. You can easily have a second or third chair in a closet or at the home of a friend or family member, or in your vacation home.

Full size, it is a standard size chair meeting all requirement and technical standards and easily carries a 250-300lbs (120-180Kg) person. The chair can also be used as an easily transportable stroller.

Not a mechanic? Don't worry. No tools are needed to convert from a small unit to an expanded full-size chair or vice versa. No leftover parts when expanding or contracting the chair, as the name of the company implies. The World’s Only Carry-On Wheelchair has been designed, engineered and patented as a full size, standard wheelchair,  which  when compacted will fit into any carry-on luggage bin or car trunk and meets the specifications of TSA and almost every one of the world’s 400 + airlines. When extended, it is a full -sized, normal wheelchair that meets all standards and requirements for transporting a 300lb person or for an infant when used as a stroller.


Using the chair is the ultimate in safety. There are no moving parts to mash one’s fingers and no need to pick the chair up and lean into or out of a car trunk, a leading source of back injuries. Your friends and relatives will bless you for not having to pick up your old wheelchair. (The wheels do go around, but there are no other moving parts).

One never need fear loss or damage or mishandling of their wheelchair. The chair will always be within sight and reach.


848 N. Rainbow Blvd. # 325

Las Vegas, NV 89107

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Picture Keep Calm With The Worlds Only Carry-on Wheelchair
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