The reasons are complex.  Some cruise lines require or suggest onshore companies to meet passengers off the ship with a wheelchair.

  • Many of the problems of having a chair on your cruise would not exist if you have a Falcon™ Chair

  • For passenger safety reasons, ALL cruise lines forbid the storage of wheelchairs in hallways, sometimes forbidding even temporary “leaving it outside the door” during day time hours. If they find your wheelchair outside your cabin, it may be removed to some other location for storage and you will have to locate it to use it when you need it. This is not a problem with a Falcon™ chair. The Falcon™ chair, in its case, only occupies about one square foot in the cabin. Almost all cabins have a minimum size of about 250sq, ft. The Falcon ™chair can be placed on the desk, on the chair for the desk, in the closet, under the bed, alongside the bed, on the luggage rack (on its side), where it can also be used for additional drawer space or for the laundry bag.


Example of a few locations in your cabin to store the Falcon™ wheelchair while stowed in the case: under the bed, on a chair, in the closet, under a desk, on a coat hook, between a bed and the wall, etc.